Mingenew Midwest Expo would like to give confidence to the community that the event management team has taken every precaution to look after patrons, exhibitors and, staff health.  A COVID Event Plan approved by the Department of Health and the Chief Health Officer is in place and will guide the events team to run a COVID safe event.


This is a COVID Safe Event 

You will see changes from previous years:

  • Every person entering site will be required to scan in with SAFEWA. We encourage everyone to get the App on your phone before you arrive. 

  • No phone? we will have the manual entry available at the entrance gates. 

  • Save time at entry, buy your tickets online before you arrive, 

  • Pay by card will be preferred with many of the stall holders only accepting contactless payment. 

  • If you’re parking bring the correct change, so the volunteers don’t have to handle the cash. 

  • To meet and greet, COVID marshals will be on site to encourage lots of fist pumping and elbows 

  • All our pavilions will be open for you to wander through, some will have limits on how many can enter, whilst others will be one way, please observe the directions and look out for each other.

  • Please stay away if unwell, especially if you have travelled from overseas or an Australian COVID-19 hotspot in the last 14 days, or have recently experienced cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, or shortness of breath?

  • Extra cleaning is in place to reduce the risk and we will encourage you to use the hand sanitizer frequently. 


Your health is important, we want to keep our community safe and enjoy the Mingenew Midwest Expo.